You know you need a lead magnet freebie to grow your email list . . .


BUT . . . Where are you supposed to find the time to create one?

Between growing your business, onboarding clients, and discovery calls you're already swamped with tasks.

But, you don't want to hire a designer to create a freebie for your email list. I get it, money is tight when you're starting a new biz.

That's why I created the Lead Magnet Freebie Template for you to create a standout, scroll-stopping lead magnet for your email list.

Oh, yeah: And it's 100% FREE.

The *FREE* Lead Magnet Template is a 25+ page, designer-approved Canva template you can use to create a VIP-level download for your email list building.

No more waiting for your website visitors to hit "subscribe." Prepare to watch your email list explode when you promote your professional lead magnet opt-in freebie.

You already have the expertise and know-how your ideal client needs, now comes the fun part of packaging that expertise into an irresistible PDF download.

The Lead Magnet Template has everything you need to create:

  • Workbooks
  • eBooks
  • Checklists
  • Guides

YES! I want to grow my email list!


The Lead Magnet Template has everything you need to create a scroll-stopping freebie so you can grow your email list like a pro.

Included with your FREE Lead Magnet Template:

  • 25+ page designer-approved, lead magnet Canva template

  • Pro tips to help you brainstorm the perfect freebie for your niche

  • Introductory video tutorial showing you the basics of Canva

Grab your lead magnet template now:

YES! I want to grow my email list!